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FIRE EXTINCTION SYSTEMS products uses microencapsulation technique to encapsulate fire extinguishing agent in a very compact area in the form of Stickers, Cords & Paint each one of this product is capable to insure fire suppression when the temperature they are designed for is reached. Applications : Residential Buildings, Railways, Ships, Planes, Junction Boxes, Electrical Panels, Electronic devices Oil & gas production facilities, Refinery’s, etc... All our products are an Innovative Standalone Fire Suppression System right at the source of inflammation. Non-ozone depleting. Can save thousands of human lives and property worth billions at a negligible cost.

F.E.S. Stickers and F.E.S. Cord are extremely innovative fire suppression systems for fire of electrical origin directly inside the electrical installations. They are autonomous, selfsufficent and automatic fire extinguishers, created using micro-encapsulation technology, and that can be installed simply and directly in any type of electrical installation and in the moment there will be a short circuit and a beginning of Fire in the electrical installation our products will automatically activate themselves (thanks to our technology we have been able to establish an activation temperature) and release the fire extinguisher agents (FK - 5-1-12, 1230) extinguishing the fire within few seconds, avoiding any possibility that the fire would spread our from the electrical installation and avoiding also damages to the electrical installation itself.

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